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Your Home Management Services

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Property Management for those wishing to stay in and enjoy their homes

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Many inspirations can live behind the idea for a new business, but perhaps the most profound is one that stems from real, personal life experiences. In July of 2015, Kerri Person began to transform a difficult time in her family’s life into a business model designed to prevent others from going through what she did.

Person’s father became very ill and she, along with other family members, spent much of their time taking care of her parent’s home so that her mother did not have to worry about anything besides being with her husband. After months of handling repairs and financial details that are difficult for nearly anyone, Kerri realized something; her parents needed a property management service.

November of 2017 marks the official start of Your Home Management Services Inc., a home management company geared towards handling all household services and repairs for the homeowners, assuring they are not taken advantage of and that they get the best service possible.

Your Home Management Services Inc. - Kerri PersonKerri Person - President
Your Home Management Services Inc. - Amy KettermanAmy Ketterman - Marketing Director

Your Home begins their process by doing an incredibly detailed home assessment. During this assessment, Person’s team takes note of every important detail of the home; what type HVAC system does it have? How is the roof holding up? What appliances are used? Etc. All of this data is stored in their software so that when it’s time for a new appliance, home repair, or system replacement, all the homeowner has to do is call and let Your Home Management Services know. In some cases, Your Home can schedule replacements and repairs that the homeowner is not even aware they need, saving them from hassle or even a home disaster.

Many homeowners face the question “who can I trust?” when it comes to hiring someone for their home services and there are stories far too often of people overpaying and/or getting bad quality service. Your Home Management Services goal is to eliminate that questioning process by working strictly with a trusted team of vendors that Kerri Person has built relationships with through a 30-year career in property management.

A lot of adult children spend countless amounts of time taking care of household repairs that their parents can no longer handle on their own. Whether they are out of town or just busy, it is hard to know how to go about finding the right people and companies to hire. Your Home strives to reduce the stress of both caretakers and homeowners, allowing for more time spent enjoying their homes and families.

Being able to help older people stay in their homes is another major goal of Your Home Management Services. When the burden of handling lawn-care, pool cleaning, major and minor home repairs is covered by people you can trust, it is much easier for people to enjoy their golden years from the comfort of their own home.