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The Shadow Cabinet by Harol Marshall

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Publisher:  Storyteller
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense
Length:  320 pages
Paperback:  $14.95
E-book:  $4.99

A government agency has been secretly appointed by Congress to take over in the event of a national catastrophe. In a top-secret bunker deep beneath FEMA headquarters on Mount Weather, The Shadow Cabinet prepares for the unthinkable.

When its members team up with a private military contractor, a billion dollar company and government officials to launch a coup on US soil, it will be up to CIA and FBI agents to gather evidence and stop the plan before the Vice President is assassinated.

This political thriller is hard to put down for fear the “bad guys” will get away with their treachery, but it’s not easy to tell them from the “good guys” including two strong kick-a** females. (It was great to see females play a key role in stopping the conspiracy.) Tension, fears, and suspense keep one turning pages and wondering—could it really happen?

Harol Marshall, author of seven books, is a retired UNCG academic and self-described political junkie. She weaves sub-plots into the major plot to keep the reader enthralled with actions that are shockingly real. The plants and clues she includes along the way make The Shadow Cabinet real and spine-tingling. It comes alive like today’s news while one hopes the “good guys” keep winning.

Available online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. eBooks available for Amazon’s Kindle.