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Improve Your Health for a Better Self

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Here at Springmoor, the Pathways Fitness Team encourages our community to keep moving. We’ve all heard the phrase, “move it or lose it,” and it’s true! If you don’t actively seek ways to live a healthy lifestyle, you will eventually see changes in your strength and abilities, ultimately affecting your quality of life.


Here is an exercise C.H.E.C.K. list to think about as you start or continue on your fitness journey:


It’s important to be consistent with your exercise efforts if you want to see improvements. Set realistic goals. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, start with a goal of two or three days a week, and build from there.


Find the right exercise program that is best for your body. Be sure to communicate with your doctor and ask questions about what may or may not be safe for you. Personal trainers and fitness specialists can give recommendations about what exercises to do based on the information from your doctors.


Find something you like to do and you will most likely continue doing it. Exercise should be fun because you are doing something positive for your health.



If you want to become stronger, increase your endurance, or improve your balance, you must challenge the appropriate systems – muscular, cardiovascular, and vestibular, etc.

Keep trying

Don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s good for your brain and your body! If you encounter a setback, don’t give up. You can always start with a new goal or new plan.

The Springmoor Wellness Center offers more than 40 fitness classes each week. So give us a call at 919-234-7626 to join us for a class, and start making moves toward a better self.