What is a CCRC?

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CCRC is an acronym for Continuing Care Retirement Community, representing a wide range of housing and care options available to financially secure seniors.

The Cedars of Chapel Hill - Clubhouse
The Clubhouse overlooks a stunning vista at The Cedars of Chapel Hill

Today’s CCRCs offer a smorgasbord of features including continuing education, wellness centers, world travel opportunities, world-class entertainment, diverse neighbors, high-tech access, business centers, theatres and most importantly, no maintenance.

Most of all, CCRCs provide security and the assurance that regardless of health needs, a variety of living accommodations are offered in the same community. Besides lifelong shelter and access to specified health services, a staff of medical professionals, is on hand to provide different levels of care. Members can move up or down this continuum of care for the rest of their life.

Most CCRCs establish requirements for incoming residents based on age, financial assets, income level and physical health. Residents typically move in while still independent in order to get to know the community.

In return for guaranteed lifelong shelter, amenities, and health care, residents usually pay a lump sum entrance fee and regular monthly payments.

The Oaks at Whitaker Glen - Dining Room
Dining is a pleasure at The Oaks at Whitaker Glen

There are three basic types of CCRC contracts:

An extensive contract covers shelter, residential services and amenities, plus unlimited long-term nursing care without an increase in monthly payments except for inflation adjustments.

A modified continuing care contract covers shelter, residential services and amenities, plus a specified amount of nursing care. After the specified care has been exhausted, the resident receives nursing care at daily or monthly rates.

A fee-for-service continuing care community covers shelter, residential services, and amenities. Access to long-term nursing care is guaranteed only on a daily basis. Entrance and monthly fees are lower because the resident is responsible for all long-term and nursing care costs.

Visit the CCRCs you are considering with a trusted family member.

Immerse yourself as much as possible in the daily life before making a commitment, knowing this will be your new home for the rest of your life.